These are the meanings most often associated with commonly found stitch patterns in Aran knitting.

The most commonly seen Aran stitch is the cable, of which there are many variations. These are said to symbolise fishermen’s ropes.

The blackberry stitch represents nature. Some call it the trinity stitch and give it religious significance.


The Moss stitch, said to symbolise abundance and growth. It is often used as a ‘filler’ in diamonds.

moss stitch

Lattice or Basket stitches to represent the fisherman’s basket – again an omen of a good catch.


The Honeycomb is a said to be a lucky stitch, signifying plenty and in the case of fishermen a good catch.


The Ladder of Life and Tree of Life represent the stages of life. They are sometimes given a religious significance, symbolising a pilgrim’s path to salvation.



Diamonds to represent the shape of the fishing mesh, and wealth and success.


Plaited or braided stitches said to represent the interweaving strands of life.


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  1. I’m going to make a “cocoon”/sleep sack for my grandson (due in June) and I’m looking for the stitches to use. Thank you for this article.

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